Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the minimum order?

You can order as many as you want as long as you have your resale certificate on file with us, or if you are a new customer we would like to have a copy of the paper. 

If you are not business owners, but you want orchids for personal use or for special events or church you are welcome to come and buy from us. However, we will require you to fill up a tray of orchids, which is between 10 to 12 plants. An exception may apply depending on the circumstances. If you have questions, please contact us.

How can I know the price?

We offer very competitive price in our orchid selections. Depending on the season, the prices may vary throughout the year but still is very reasonable. If you want to know the prices of our orchids, It is better to contact us via phone or email so we can give you a quote. However, we highly recommend you to visit our nursery to see the flowers, so you can understand why is priced that way.

Can I reserve the orchids before picking up?

Orchids are very demanding, and we want to make sure everyone gets what they want. We usually sell our orchids by first come first serve, but we can reserve your order if you pay a deposit so we are sure that you will come and make the final purchase.

However, we can’t guarantee that we will have what you need, although we will try our best have your order ready.

How long does it take to have my order ready?

Depending on how big is your order we may take longer or shorter time to have it ready to pick up. Most of the cases we have it ready right away when you make the order with us, but if the order is quite big, it will take at least an hour. Of course, if you are in rush we will try to prepare in less time possible. We highly recommend you to contact us  a day before or hours before you come to pick up

Can I choose and pick up my own orchids?

You can come to our nursery and choose the orchids you want to purchase. You are free to look around in the designed areas. and we are happy to assist you with the orchids that best match your needs. 

Since we have lots of orchids all together, we will appreciate you pick up your orchids carefully without damaging surrounding plants, special care the buds and stem because they can drop or break easily.

Do you deliver the orchids?

We deliver your orchids for free using our company’s truck when you order at least 80 cases to any location of Florida State. For smaller quantities, we can recommend some trucking companies we work with that delivers in Florida and out of the State. They will charge you by cases, so if you are interested we can give you their contact number so you can discuss with them about the delivery fee.

They usually take two days until you receive your order if you are located in Florida and they have every week a scheduled route,  whereas in our case we are flexible with delivery timing, meaning you receive your orchids the day you want (minimum 80 cases)

What's the payment method?

We accept cash, checks (preferably business account) and credit cards. In case you use a credit card, a transaction fee of 3,5% will be applied to the total amount.

When you order our orchids via phone or email for later pick up or delivery and you don’t have an account with us, the only payment method will be credit card or cash. However, if you come personally to our nursery we can accept any form of payment.

For our regular customers, we are quite flexible with your payment method.