Welcome to First Orchid Nursery

We are experienced orchid growers located in Apopka with more than 20 years in orchid business. We provide a great variety of orchid with very competitive prices and excellent quality for retail and wholesale.


In 1995, our family started the first orchid business in South Korea and three years later we opened our second nursery in Taiwan, where today is our research center and where we manufacture the phalaenopsis seedlings supplying all around the world. After the success our both nurseries we decided to open our last facility in Apopka, Florida continuing to grow quality and beautiful orchids and delighted to bring our customers and consumers happiness and long-lasting orchids.

Our Orchids

We specialized in growing different types of orchids from phalaenopsis, dendrobium and epidendrum to other more exotic species such as cattleya, vanda and brassavola.
Our dedicated and experienced team who love and care about orchids prepare every year a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes.

Orchid supplies

At First Orchid we supply powder soluble fertilizer, spagnum moss, bark, bamboo sticks, aluminum ties and ceramic pots that are all part of orchid needs to make them grow healthy and look beautiful at store or home. We offer a great variety of pot sizes, colors and designs. For more information contact us.


We have orchids all year round and depending on the season we have a certain type of orchids.Sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you updated with the latest offer and promotions. Moreover, we do orchid arrangements that can be personalized according to your needs.


Our customers

We have customers all around USA, the Caribbean island and Puerto Rico. We supply our orchids to other nurseries, big retail companies and florists directly or through brokers. Our sales team is professional to ensure your satisfaction and ready to answer you any enquires or problems that you have with our products or service.

We do also sell orchids for orchid societies, religious organizations and special event gatherings because we know orchids are beautiful. Therefore, your happiness and joy is ours too. So, feel free to contact us.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We are not perfect, but perfection has been always our goal. Being in orchid business over 15 years has empowered us to grow better orchids every year with the most colorful and vibrant colors and make sure quality is our number one priority.

  • Orchid quality 95%
  • Variety 90%
  • Customer service 98%
  • Complain 15%



Highway 429. Exit 9


2107 Plymouth Sorrento road. 32712 Apopka, FL.

Phone/Cell: (+1) 4078149394

Email: firstorchid@outlook.com